Fish and rubbish!

I sit on the Port Health and Environmental Services Committee in the City which covers everything from street sweeping to checks on animal imports from outside of the EU in London ports. Yesterday I visited our rubbish collection operation, where we collect the City’s waste and send it down the Thames for recycling and processing – keeping over 50 trucks off the roads.

I’ve also attended the 44th London Thames Fishery Research Experiment. Anglers compete in teams to catch the most fish and teams from the City of London Boys & Girls Schools as well as Gravesend Grammar also participate. The Corporation’s own team doesn’t seem to provide much of a challenge to any of these teams! The monitoring of fish caught helps check the health of the Thames. Numbers were low this year as it’s been a little warm and so the winter fish from the North Sea haven’t swum down yet. The competition takes place in Denton, Gravesend where the Corporation has offices and provides an opportunity for a wide variety of different groups to meet.