Learn your history…

PepysOn my first weekend as a Common Councilman I thought I better visit the Samuel Pepys exhibition before it finishes.  The exhibition is at the National Maritime Museum and is supported by the Corporation of the City of London.

Pepys has many links to Tower ward and the election certainly made me feel I should learn my history!  Pepys was a past Master of Trinity House and the Clothworkers’ Company.  He and his wife are buried in St Olave’s Church, where they are currently looking after a rather fine bust of Pepys in the graveyard at the moment.

I was particularly pleased I took a Dutch friend from Clapham to see the show with as it was the accession of William of Orange to the throne which meant that Pepys had to retire to Clapham.  The first of many historical coincidences as a Councilman I’m sure.