The next 4 years in the City

26 new Common CIMG_9101ouncilmen were elected to the Court of Common Council, the governing body of the City of London, on 23 March.  In Tower Ward, Roger Chadwick, Marianne Fredericks, James Tumbridge and I were delighted to be re-elected to serve for the 4 years ahead.

As we weren’t contested this year we were formally reappointed at the wardmote in St Olave’s Church.  Here’s the Alderman’s Beadle, Spike Abbott, formally closing proceedings carrying the Tower mace dating from theIMG_9151 period of Charles II.

The excitement of the elections across the City was muted by the attack in Westminster on Wednesday 22 March and we remembered those who died and were injured on Friday 25 March in Guildhall Yard.

I was greatly reassured by the presence of the City Police and the Metropolitan Police on Wednesday night, their work and that of the other emergency services, shows what true public service is.

As we reconvene again I am looking forward to working with Common Councilmen old and new as we work together to ensure the City is ready for the 4 years ahead.  Speaking to voters in the run up to the election Brexit, congestion  and air quality are top of the list of priorities.  Do please get in touch with your thoughts and questions over the next 4 years.