Becoming a Common Councilman

On Wednesday evening I was elected to be a Common Councilman for the Ward of Tower joining the Deputy, Roger Chadwick, Marianne Fredericks and James Tumbridge.  Many thanks to the voters of Tower – I really enjoyed meeting with you, discussing your priorities for the ward and learning a great deals of history of the ward.

It truly is a privilege to take elected office in a ceremony which dates from Saxon times, in front of the Alderman, Sir Paul Judge, assisted by the Clerk, Christine Chadwick and Mr Beadle, Paul ‘Spike’ Abbott, who I later learnt is a tweeting Beefeater by day.  Thanks also to St Olave’s Church who hosted the wardmote on Tuesday and the declaration of the vote on Wednesday.

I am looking forward to taking forward the priorities of the voters of Tower in the Court of Common Council and to championing the cause of the City of London.  I plan to keep you all up to date with my work through this blog.  Do get in touch if you have any questions.

IMG_3901The Beadle with the Tower mace processing out after the wardmote on Tuesday.  The wardmote is a chance for voters to hear from the candidates and ask questions. It is formally part of the election process and was adjourned for polling day.

taking the oath

Taking the oath and becoming a Common Councilman.

with Sir Paul Judge

Duly elected as a Common Councilman and time for a picture with the Alderman, Sir Paul Judge at the end of a long day!


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